Athlete Placement

KO Athletics & Consulting Inc. is NOT a recruiting service or a mass promotional service. We have one goal and that is to assist the student-athlete and their families find the best US prep school and/or college “fit” academically and athletically. Some athletes may choose to attend high school in the United States to increase their overall exposure to potential colleges/universities.

The company is built on trust, integrity and by demonstrating hard work. Communication and accessibility is the key and we are available 7-days a week, 18 hours a day to support the student-athlete and his or her family. We will create a strategic game plan specific to each student athlete needs.

Choosing the correct educational institution could be a life-changing and incredibly stressful decision. We work with athletes from various sports such as basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, hockey, baseball, etc.

Let us do the work for you using our existing relationships in the industry. We will effectively assess the athlete’s ability to play at the next level and address the major areas of the college search.

Are you ready to achieve your academic and athletic goals?

What We Do

  • Explore a student-athlete’s athletic ability to better understand his/her value in the recruiting marketplace
  • Assess the academic, financial, and environmental values that also impact his/her school selection. KO Athletics & Consulting Inc. is about guiding the student-athlete and their family in the holistic college search process, using his/her athletic ability as the initial driver of the process
  • Regularly liaise with high school and college programs that have been identified as a potential fit for the athlete
  • Identify NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3, NAIA and Junior College options
  • Advise on matters such as financial aid and admissions
  • Assist student-athlete in negotiating scholarship terms
  • Create an independent recruiting plan that directs our holistic college search
  • Craft athletic resume and cover letter geared towards coaches